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Killer Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a type of fitness training that utilizes your body weight. Calisthenics are a balanced combination of aerobic or anaerobic exercise that can help a body become stronger and more lean. The best part: no equipment necessary!

Here are 4 amazing calisthenics exercises you can do to boost your workout today!

Typewriter Push-Up

Typewriter push-ups are mainly to workthe arms individually and are typically used as a progression towards one armed push ups. Lay face down on the floor and put the palms of your hands directly under your shoulders. Extend your arms to put your body in the top of the push-up position. Keep your core tight and your neck and back in a straight line. Then, lower your body to the lower push-up position by flexing at your elbows into a 90-degree angle.Shift your weight and lean to one side by placing your front deltoid on your palm. At the same time extend your opposite arm into a straight line. Finally, move your weight to the opposite arm and repeat.

Archer Pull-Ups

Start in the position of a very wide pull-up.Bend ONLY one of your arms as you pull your chin up over the bar. Your torso will have to shift away from the extended arm as you pull. The top position should resemble an archer getting ready to fire an arrow.

Muscle Up

First, hang from the pull-up bar with thumbs on top the bar, not around. Then pull yourself up to the bar. Roll your chest over the bar as a transition from a pull-up to a dip. Finally, press your hands down and drive your body upwards into the dip.

Goblet Squats

Start by standing and holding a light kettlebell by the handles close to your chest. Squat down between your legs until your hams are on your calves. Keep your chest and head up and your back straight. At the bottom position, use your elbows to push out your knees. Return to your original position, and do 10-20 reps.

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