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How to Party & Have Fun Without Getting Off Track

Holidays usually involve partying. Oftentimes that means indulging in heavy foods and alcoholic drinks. That’s why we hear so many people say they’re going to get back to the gym for their “New Years Resolution.”

So how can you enjoy the holidays without worrying about losing sight of your fitness goals?

Drink More Water

Not only will you avoid the dreaded hangover that keeps you out of the gym in the morning, staying hydrated will also help you feel more full and less hungry. If you want to stay away from that extra plate of cookies, water can help!

Eat More Fruits& Vegetables

Maybe skip the deep fried Pigs-in-a-Blanket and opt for the crudité. Cucumber, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, and cranberries are all high in water content and will help keep you hydrated and full of nutrients to make sure you stay energetic the whole night.

Strength Train the Day of the Big Party

Blasting out a quick strength workout the day you plan to party will boost your metabolism to help your body deal with all the calories you plan to consume later. Let the body do it’s thing!

Don’t Deprive YourselfBut Don’t Binge Either!

Cutting out all your favorite foods is a guaranteed way to activate feelings of withdrawal that can lead to a binge. Instead, choose healthier options: Choose fruit instead of candy, a fun-sized chocolate instead of a whole bar, tea instead of coffee with cream and sugar.

Now, remember, a few days off won’t derail your progress, but you should always keep in mind your goals and try to stay on track!

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